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Bonus Episode: The Caroline Fandom -

Show Notes

Get ready for a whole lotta cookies!  Before we launch into season 2 of Caroline in the City, we take a flying leap into the dusty wilderness of the interwebs to explore the Caroline fandom, past and present!  Warm up the flux capacitor and journey back to the future with us to a world of cease and desist letters, arbitrary femslash, Weep Cutes, undercover strippers, and an expensive eBay item that besmirches the good names of all our heroes.  Yer a wizard, Richard!






The Merch!


eBay's full of Caroline in the City merch and oddities.  Like, for example, this truly upsetting Al Hirschfeld caricature of the cast, which can be yours for the low, low price of $750...

lea thompson should sue.png

Seriously, Lea Thompson should've sued the guy.

We've also got questions about these guys.

charlie and richard hirschfeld.png

Good for Remo, though.

remo hirschfeld.png

Here's Christie's cast and crew jacket (the front doesn't say anything, the back is AMAZING):

jacket front.JPG
jacket back.JPG

And here's Amy's hoodie that looks very Caroline-esque:

Amy cities hoodie.JPG

The Fans!

If you'd like to take your own trip back in time to experience the Caroline fandom in their natural habitat, here's a link to the Wayback Machine's archive of!

The Fic!

In addition to the Sincere Amore website, here are the two other spots we found with Caroline in the City fanfic:'s Caroline in the City archive

Archive of Our Own (AO3)'s Caroline in the City archive

The Caroline/Richard story Christie shouted out as excellent (though, be forewarned, it's fanfic, it's very well written but it's also goopy and porn-y in bits!):  "Caroline and the Impossible Decision" by Linge

whole lotta cookies.png
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