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Bonus Interview: Jason Graae -

Show Notes

After laughing all the way to the bank in episode 1.05, "Caroline and the ATM", oh what bliss to get to speak to the manager himself, Mr. Green -- a.k.a. the marvelous Jason Graae!  Join us as we chat with Jason about the real-life inspiration for Mr. Green, the magic of making socially distanced theatre for appreciative honks, and (spoiler alert) his second "demoted" appearance in a later episode of Caroline in the City.  Times is hard, times is hard...






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One stop shopping for all your Jason Graae needs...





YouTube channel

The one and only Jason Graae!

The excellent Jason Graae materials we shouted out in the show notes for 1.05 proper are just the tip of the iceberg... 

here are a few more that we love!

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