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Episode 1: "Pilot" -

Show Notes

Episode 1.01 -- “Pilot”

Original airdate: September 21, 1995

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Fred Barron, Marco Pennette and Dottie Dartland Zicklin

Directed by James Burrows


We dive into Caroline in the City at the very beginning, with Episode 1.01 -- “Pilot”!  Time travel with us to the era of Must See TV, trendy Himalayan cats, and so many clear beverages.


Here is the oral history of the pilot we referenced:  

The Birth of a Sitcom : How a hopeful TV series called ‘Caroline in the City’ grew from dream to reality. Here’s an inside look at that mysterious and frenetic process known as pilot season (LA Times, 5/28/95)

Here’s a writeup of this episode from the Paper of Record -- Cinema Cats:  Caroline in the City -- “Pilot”

If you want to call and get the time and temperature in Louisville, Kentucky just for kicks, the number is (502) 585-5961!

Visual aids:

“All of the United Colors of Benetton at the same time”:


The fangirl’s (possibly homemade) Caroline swag:

homemade swag.png

Del and his Weird Greek Statue Faces tie:

Del tie.png

Richard Karinsky, peanut butter sociopath:

PB bandit.png

Christine Taylor as Del’s “young” (???) date:

Christine Taylor.png
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