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Show Notes

Episode 1.10 -- “Caroline and the Christmas Break”

Original airdate: December 14, 1995

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Written by Michelle Nader and Amy Cohen
Directed by James Burrows

Deck the halls with fresh cilantro! This week Chelsea Jupin joins us as Christmas comes early with episode 1.10, “Caroline and the Christmas Break”!  We dive into a box of Snackwells and chat about Salty the Creepy Reindeer, Annie Spadaro vs. SantaCon, our erstwhile national obsession with Starbucks jokes, and the downright swoony moment that warmed our Caroline/Richard ‘shipping hearts.  Who’s the fool?

This week's "plugs":

Just around the riverbend...

Visual aids:

Amy recommends Taylor Swift's folklore!

Christie recommends McMillions on HBO!

Chelsea recommends Gaslighter by The Chicks!

This week's guest

Chelsea Jupin is a writer and pop culture enthusiast. Since 2019, she has written the weekly e-mail newsletter 'extra extra', which looks at some of her favorite movies, TV shows, books, theater, music, podcasts, and more. She has also made several appearances on the podcast We Hate Movies. By day, she is a nonprofit marketer for a social service nonprofit organization. She lives in New York City with her husband Andrew and dog Marty. 


Twitter - @chelseajupin

Instagram - @extraextragram

Chelsea Jupin!

We at Caroline and the Podcast just learned how to make GIFs, Merry Christmas!

Shelly's seasonally semi-inappropriate lewk:

Salty the Reindeer:

It's Lorna Luft!

SantaCon is for amateurs.

Snackwell, snack often...


Have we mentioned the comically large sweater enough?

There are two types of gift unwrappers in this world...

THIS SHOT.  Dammit, James Burrows!

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