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Show Notes

Episode 1.13 -- “Caroline and the Twenty-Eight-Pound Walleye”

Original airdate: January 25, 1996

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Written by Ian Praiser

Story by Carol Gary
Directed by Tom Cherones

The heat is on in Saigon!  Meghan Deans joins us this week as we journey to the frozen tundra of Peshtigo, Wisconsin in episode 1.13, “Caroline and the 28 Lb. Walleye”! Pull the bubbly out of the crisper and put on your best rage jeans as we ponder the dark origin story of Caroline’s art, biffed rom-com tropes, the water cooler conversations at Cassidy Greetings, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Heart and Soul”, and the porch scene that melted our icicle hearts.  Aw, Puddin’…

This week's "plugs":

Once upon a time, in Not-Actually-Tyne-Daly's-Hometown:

Visual aids:

Amy still recommends I May Destroy You on HBO!

Christie recommends the delightful retro programming on antenna channel MeTV!

Meghan recommends Halt and Catch Fire on AMC and Memorial Drive by Natasha Trethewey!

This week's guest

Meghan Deans works in book publishing as the Senior Marketing Director for Ecco. She also writes plays, lives in New York City, and is astrologically a Kristy Thomas. 


Twitter - @meghandrrns

The Entertainment Weekly dual review we discussed can be found here!

Meghan Deans!

Strong Pawnee vibes:

Hard to tell who's more excited here:

Oh the children outside are frightful...

Charlie's brilliant offended face:

The stuff of nightmares:

this is the knocking song

I'm knocking on a door

Shhh, Caroline, Mom and Richard are bonding!

Chris! In! Space!

Listen, there's a reason we loved this episode.

Back in New York, Annie receives some ineffective pot holders:

This Is The Future That Liberals Want:

Ain't no party like a Duffy piano party

'cause a Duffy piano party is in the public domain!

She's so adorable!!!


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