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Episode 14: "The Arm Makes Sense!" -

Show Notes

Episode 1.14 -- “Caroline and the Watch”

Original airdate: February 1, 1996

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Mark Wilding
Directed by James Burrows

Sincere amore?  We know!  Elise Laplante joins us this week at the partners’ desk for episode 1.14, “Caroline and the Watch”!  Put on your best subway map tie and your dressiest rollerblades and glide along with us as we discuss such scintillating topics as hangry Richard, comedy in a pre-“That’s What She Said” world, the need for an HR person in The City, emailing “Jimmy” Burrows, and Skimbleshanks: the Railway Cat.  Caroline in the City: it’s The Sopranos of three-camera sitcoms!

This week's "plugs":

Has this woman ever seen an episode of basketball?

Visual aids:

Amy recommends Lenox Hill on Netflix!

Christie recommends the play Fairview by Jackie Sibblies Drury!

Elise recommends Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, Million Dollar American Princesses on Smithsonian Channel, and the documentaries of Lucy Worsley!

This week's guest

Elise Laplante has worked behind the scenes on TV shows such as Gilmore Girls: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Scream Queens, and most recently, Star Trek: Picard. One time she was offered cocaine at Carrie Fisher's house, which she declined, making her substantially less cool. 


Twitter - @elise_laplante 

Elise Laplante!

Elise headshot.JPG
crowd goes wild.gif
I'm stuck.png
suspenders lewk.png

And the crowd goes wild!

Dusoleil Walks Through the Wall:

This episode's Suspenders Lewk:


bad kitty.gif

Cactors at work:


Baba Yaga:

baba yaga.png

Charlie's subway map tie:

subway tie.png

Working in the hallway:

hallway werkin.png

Please enjoy this multipurpose GIF:

Richard says NO.gif

Vic and Stella's cozy, plastic-covered Queens apartment:

Stella and Vic's apartment.png

The adorable Vic and Stella, a.k.a. Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie!

Stella and Vic 1.png
Stella and Vic 2.png
Stella and Vic 3.png

Sexual tension?  Us?  (YES, YOU.)

no sexual tension here nope.png

Meanwhile, Del and Charlie get up to some corpse hijinks...

corpse hijinks.gif


the arm makes sense.png

Last but not least, the infamous "Han Solo moment"...

han solo moment.gif
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