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Episode 17: "Never Trust a Man with Bangs" - Show Notes

Episode 1.17 -- “Caroline and the Kid”

Original airdate: March 14, 1996

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Wil Calhoun and Bill Masters and Jay Scherick
Directed by Tom Cherones

Oh no, it’s El Diablo!  Jessie Weinberg joins us for some misadventures in babysitting in episode 1.17, “Caroline and the Kid”!  We discuss epic tales told through face acting, surprising parallels between Caroline in the City and Hemingway, “Bulge Hackman”, mullets on youths, and the uniquely ‘90s humiliation of being bullied into a trip to Kinko’s.  I believe that’s going to cost a famous director/choreographer his lunch money!

This week's "plugs":

Amy recommends The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds Reed!

Christie recommends the antenna game show channel BUZZR!

Jessie recommends Schitt's Creek on Netflix, The Vow on HBO and Love Fraud on Showtime!

This week's guest

Jessie Weinberg is an artist and writer/performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She recently took up crochet, because it gives her the temporary illusion of control in this ever-worsening hellscape. Also she’s a Libra.


Twitter - @jeweinbe

Instagram - @jessieweinbergart

Jessie's Etsy shop can be found here!

Jessie Weinberg!

Jessie Weinberg Headshot.jpg

Visual aids:

The curse of living with a Himalayan cat:

clump of fur.png

Engrossed in K-Drama:


The magnificent Lupe Ontiveros, who frankly deserved better:

Lupe Ontiveros.png

The devil is a contractor?

Martin el Diablo.png

The devil gets a fax from Adam Shankman?

Martin gets a fax.png

No Country For Old Boyfriends:

Anton Chigurh.jpg

Our heroes share a meaningful moment in a terrible child's bedroom:

meaningful looks.gif

The mural is pretty great, given the circumstances:

pointy boob mural.png

Attend the tale of weenie odd:

dick tales pt 1.gif
dick tales pt 2.gif

This small mulleted child really is terrible!

hey pinhead.gif
super soaker.gif

And yet Richard tries to do a nice thing for the kid anyway...

Richard takes responsibility.png

Caroline snaps!

what a loser.gif

Enjoy military school, ya little jerk!

Caroline 1 Martin 0.gif

It's simultaneously tame and yet SO MUCH WORSE than we imagined:

I just want to say I hate this.jpeg

This look says it all, really:

skeptical Lolita.png
Kurt Gustinger.png
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