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Episode 19: "Floppy-Haired Safe Boys" - 
Show Notes

Episode 1.19 -- “Caroline and the Movie”

Original airdate: April 4, 1996

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Bill Prady
Directed by Tom Cherones

Lights, camera… New Jersey!  Margaret Lyons joins us as the gang gets ready for their close-ups in episode 1.19, “Caroline and the Movie”!  We get into the finer details of joke-shaped packages, maddening sitcom shenanigans, the eternal battle of “sunniness vs. grouchiness”, close encounters with the Law & Order craft services table, and whether or not you should flash your celebrity crush.  Don’t forget the "good", good buddy! 

This week's "plugs":

Amy recommends The Good Wife on CBS All Access!

Christie recommends In Such Good Company by Carol Burnett!

Margaret recommends America's Test Kitchen!

This week's guest

Margaret Lyons is a TV critic for the New York Times, where she also writes the Watching newsletter. You can follow her on Twitter at @margeincharge.

Margaret Lyons!


Visual aids:

"Real JBF vibes":

real JBF vibe.png

There's a movie being filmed outside!  The glamour of New York!

looky loos.png

And the glamour doesn't stop there...

impound lot.png

Charlie's Mid-Maine Marine, Inc. hat:

mid maine marine hat.png
mid maine marine site.png
mid maine dog.png

"Okay, you had me, and then you creeped me out."

you had me and then you grossed me out.g

Without sound, this is berserk:

Richard in Kramer mode.gif

This robe (kimono?) is fantastic.

3 pm wake up call.png

Nothing like a thrilling B-plot!

banished to NJ.gif

This screencap really captures the true essence of background acting.

glamorous extra life.png

It's Robby Benson!

Robby Benson 1.png
Steven Banks.png

Blade Cannon, a.k.a. "swarthy-type guy":

Blade Cannon.png

They see me trollin', they hatin'...

troll kiss.gif

Is this the most on brand Annie moment yet?  Maybe!

caught in the dirtbag act.gif

"I can't work with these tongs."  (This is also berserk without sound.)

I can't work with these tongs.gif

Annie proves Maria Louise Fanego wrong:

Maria Louise.png

I love a great stage slap.

Annie slaps Robby Benson.gif

This episode is INFURIATING to the Caroline/Richard 'shippers among us. 
I mean, what is even happening here:

Richard calls cut.gif
kiss fail pt 2.gif

Caroline and Richard's lookalike replacements:

kissing lookalikes.gif
oh please.png
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