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Episode 2: "Richard Be Shopping" -

Show Notes

Episode 1.02 -- “Caroline and the Mugger”

Original airdate: September 28, 1995

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Fred Barron, Marco Pennette and Dottie Dartland Zicklin

Directed by James Burrows


Our journey continues with Episode 1.02, “Caroline and the Mugger”!  Join us as we dig deep into the St. Mark’s Place shopping experience, the ethics of wearing a Cats cast member jacket without actually having joined the cast of Cats, and whether life truly is a highway.  The party is definitely here, not down the hall where the loud music and noise are coming from.


Del’s tunes in the car playlist, ready and waiting for all of your road trips to Atlantic City and/or to Blockbuster to rent Howard the Duck:

Great Moments in Wikipedia Vandalism:


Visual aids:

"A more accessible Alan Rickman":

Alan Rickman

Annie's perfect outfit:

Annie's perfect outfit 1
Annie's perfect outfit 2

Richard’s Ryan Stiles-esque shirt:


Dirtbag Annie kicks a keg into the apartment:

dirtbag keg

The "small" mugger:

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