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Episode 20: "A Good Month for Redheads" - 
Show Notes

Episode 1.20 -- “Caroline and the Cereal”

Original airdate: April 18, 1996

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Ian Praiser, Michelle Nader and Amy Cohen

Story by Ian Praiser, Michelle Nader & Amy Cohen and Rob Lotterstein & Ellen Idelson
Directed by Pamela Fryman


It’s so passé, it’s hip!  Ben Siemon joins us for a complete balanced breakfast in episode 1.20, “Caroline and the Cereal”!  Pour yourself a bowl and dig in with us as we ponder such imponderables as Remo’s new piercings, Caroline Duffy’s 2020 Twitter presence, strange films we watched in health class, who’s been clothes shopping at outdoor art fairs, and why April 1996 was a banner month for TV’s redheads.  Mambo!

This week's "plugs":

Amy recommends Halt and Catch Fire on AMC!

Christie recommends SNL's The Californians!

Ben recommends the BBC's The Great Pottery Throw Down on HBO Max!

This week's guest

Ben Siemon is a LGBT writer and comedian based in Los Angeles. As a writer, he's been on staff for several cartoon shows including 2017's Ducktales and The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.  As an actor (with a very limited range), Ben is best known for his recurring role of Grocery Clerk With Half an Eyelid on Crazy-Ex Girlfriend.  Ben is also a Jim Henson Company trained puppeteer, performing with the company's improv show Puppet Up!

Ben Siemon!


Visual aids:

When we say this episode was written by a lot of people...

cast of thousands.png

"Remo unplugged!"

Remo unplugged.png

Caroline's agent James (the late, great Meshach Taylor)!

Meshach Taylor.png

Now seems as good a time as any to mention that we love Caroline's glasses!

Caroline's glasse.png

This screencap looks so much more dramatic than the actual context
(Del asking Annie to stop by his office):

Del asks a favor.png

It's other notable '90s redhead Vicki Lewis!

Vicki Lewis.png

The blond guy on the left has the most unbelievable IMDB page...

power accessories.png

"Sweet Caroline..."

sweet Caroline.gif



Mmmmm!  Tastes of sugary single lady sadness!

cereal box.png

"Who am I?  Marilyn Monroe!"

Marilyn Monroe.gif

"No!  No no no no no no!"

lotta nos.gif

We don't even have a joke about this, we just love it.

Annie and Charlie dance.gif

Everyone's favorite, Big New York Bus Company!

dartland food bus.gif

A look that says, "I do all my clothes shopping at outdoor art fairs":

bolero jacket.png

Caroline's way too excited to have just cost herself a major licensing deal...

focus group.gif

Has Richard seen more vaginas in his life than pecans?

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