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Episode 21: "B+ Episode of The Newsroom" - 
Show Notes

Episode 1.21 -- “Caroline and Richard's Mom”

Original airdate: April 25, 1996

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Dottie Dartland Zicklin and Charles Harper Yates
Directed by James Burrows


Magnify!  Things get “raisin nipple nuts” as Kent Carney and Loren Cline join us for episode 1.21, “Caroline and Richard’s Mom”!  Dab on some guacamole and kick off your shoes as we go in for the works — Aaron Sorkin doppelgängers, poodle toenails, romantic moments at a Chili’s Too, rollerblade wheel hygiene, Emmy-worthy moments for Malcolm Gets, and some upsetting news for anyone who didn’t collect Beanie Babies as a child.  If a stripper can do it, you can too!

This week's "plugs":

Amy recommends What I Carry by Jennifer Longo!

Christie recommends I Can See Your Voice on Fox!

Kent recommends his and Loren's podcasts, Killscreen Cinema and the forthcoming We Watched Watched Watched This Movie!

Loren recommends the Louisville Community Bail Fund and Evil on CBS All Access!

The wild ride of a story about the mysterious closure of the East Village Cheese Shop can be found here.

This week's guests

Kent Carney is a comedian from Louisville, KY, where he’s spent eight years co-producing and performing with the comedy troupe Character Assassination. You can see him on the web series Bagged And Bored and hear him jabber about movies on the podcasts We Watched Watched Watched This Movie and Killscreen Cinema. 


Loren Cline is a denizen of Louisville, KY, and a software developer with a penchant for talking too much about pop culture. You can hear her practice this hobby on the podcasts We Watched Watched Watched This Movie and Killscreen Cinema. 

Kent Carney and Loren Cline!

Kent Carney.jpeg
Loren Cline.jpeg

Visual aids:

Annie's shirt:  "like an Animal Collective album cover"

animal collective.png

thank u,

thank u next.png

Enter Natalie Karinsky, a $50 tipper...

50 dollar tipper.gif

Just pretend the line is "SPREAD 'EM, ASSHOLE!"

spread em.gif

"Are you two--" "Windshield wipers?"

windshield wipers.gif

Hair * Eyelids * Chins * Pedicures *Nostrils * Poodles * Toenails

poodles toenails.png

Remo's:  Pretty in Pink?

Remo's in pink.png

"The Fifty Shades of Grey of Pedicures"

del elle elle del.gif

"Give your mommy a kiss!"

give your mommy a kiss.gif

We did say this should've been Malcolm Gets' Emmy submission...

lip weirdness.gif

Why is Charlie the only one who cares what Del is up to?

mmhmm sure.gif

What Del's up to: getting addicted to spa treatments thanks to
Dollar Store Carol Kane!

dollar store Carol Kane.png



"Hit the bricks, Red."

hit the bricks Red.png

We all love this jacket, even though it's flashy by Caroline's standards!

Caroline and box.png
Natalie address.png


high scarf drama.gif

Why can't NBC create a convincing NBC???

fake NBC.png
funky peacock.png

What is a fake NBC without a fake Aaron Sorkin?

I can't believe it's not Sorkin.png

Charlie in disguise... with glasses!

Charlie in disguise.gif

Ratzenbergers gonna Ratzenberger!


The Caroline/Richard 'shippers would just like to say: AHHHHHHH

airport hair touch.gif

No, seriously, give the man an Emmy already.

airport salute.gif

Gives all new meaning to "guac is extra", doesn't it?

guac faces.gif
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