Episode 22: "Only Grande Dames Wear Peach" -
Show Notes

Episode 1.22 -- “Caroline and the Bridesmaid(s)”

Original airdate: May 9, 1996

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Wil Calhoun & Bill Masters
Directed by Tom Cherones


Lock up your grownup lady blouses, Angela Lansbury!  We’re counting down to the worst-planned wedding of ’96 as Jessica Morgan joins us for episode 1.22, “Caroline and the Bridesmaid(s)”!  Ladle yourself a bowl of soup and join the party as we attempt to untangle the pretzel-like timeline of Caroline’s wedding festivities, examine the preponderance of leather pants in the late ‘90s, and lament the lack of Jordan Almonds in our everyday lives.  Cool it, Garfield!

This week's "plugs":

Amy recommends Parakeet by Marie-Helene Bertino and plugs her new series Arts and Craft with Amy Spalding on Instagram Live on Wednesdays at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific!

Christie recommends A West Wing Special for When We All Vote on HBO Max!

Jessica recommends the BBC's The Great Pottery Throw Down on HBO Max!

This week's guest

Together with her writing partner Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan is the creator of one of the Internet’s longest-standing celebrity fashion blogs, Go Fug Yourself, and the author of the best-selling novels The Royal We and its sequel, The Heir Affair, as well as two young adult novels, Spoiled and Messy. She has written for publications ranging from New York magazine to Vanity Fair, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, W magazine, and Glamour.


Twitter: @fuggirls

Instagram: @msmorganzola

Jessica Morgan!

Visual aids:

The DVD calls it "Caroline and the Bridesmaid"...

IMDB calls it "Caroline and the Bridesmaids"...

A sensible hangover roll.

Caroline Duffy: stealing your grandma's shirts since 1996.

Everyone give it up for America's favorite phony Frenchman!

The first half of this gif is so swoony; the second half is an infomercial.

Old lady on the top, sleepy lady on the bottom?

Brides! Brides! Brides!

We're looking for a mind at work, work...




Meanwhile, Del fires his unhinged buddy Greg (Tony Carlin) from best man duty:

Jogging in place in the world's bunchiest shorts:


This establishing shot of the Plaza Hotel is so great!

So many timeline questions.  So, so many.

The speed with which those balloons get yanked back into the elevator...

The widest shot of the loft we've seen so far...

Does she have nausea or is she pondering the futility of soup at a party?

"the same genre of man":

"You guys are nuts!"

caroline city background.jpg


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