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Episode 23: "Physician Martenne" -

Show Notes

Episode 1.23 -- “Caroline and the Wedding”

Original airdate: May 16, 1996

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Bill Masters
Directed by James Burrows


It’s an omen!  It’s cliffhanger time in The City as wedding bells of doom start to ring in episode 1.23, “Caroline and the Wedding”!  Don your best ren faire garb and crack open a bottle of Chianti as we attempt to answer the important questions:  Will “sincere amore” win the day?  Will Father Damian get a spin-off?  Will Del’s cousins arrive from San Francisco?  Is a hot dog dessert?  Did Richard pay for his breadsticks?  Are we making it all up?  Awooooo!!! 

This week's "plugs":

Are they both brides?  Some weird choices being made here.

Visual aids:

Amy plugs her latest book We Used to Be Friends and recommends Ted Lasso and Visible: Out On Television on Apple TV+!

Christie plugs her recently updated website and recommends The Dog House U.K. on HBO Max and Schitt's Creek (available many places, including Netflix)! 

The rare fashion misstep from our Annie.  The ugly choker...

are they both brides.png
nothing good happens in this room pt 1.g

Annie's such a great maid of honor though...

nothing good happens in this room pt 2.g

Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?

ugly choker.png

Look, when we said nothing good happens in this room...

madrigal dinner.png

...and the leather mom pants.

leather mom pants.png

They're both so perfect and we love them!

angie and annie gasp.gif


shock and awe.gif

Annie Spadaro, kissy-face dirtbag child.

kissy face.gif

This is *chef's kiss*

angie's exorcism.gif

The brilliance of Andy Lauer in three GIFs:

inspector aspirin.gif
flick and genuflect.gif
lord of the rings.gif

The line of little MADELINE-esque schoolgirls is a nice touch.

Madeline church.gif

Awful lot of rosary hijinks in this episode.

rosary hijinks.gif

Here's Father Damian (national treasure Michael McKean), who will definitely get a spin-off series when Hollywood asks us for our ideas...

Michael McKean.png

Poor doofy-ass Del.

poor Del.png

"What are these?  These are beads?"

these are beads.gif

Check out Remo's embroidered cuffs!!!

Remo cuffs.png

Upon closer examination, Richard's book appears to be War and Peace.  On brand as always.

Richard reads at Remo's.png

The sad floor mattress of a man who doesn't have Miz Mooz money.

sad floor mattress.png

Masterpiece in progress.

Richard writes his letter.gif


letter in the worst spot.gif


gnawing a breadstick.gif

And the studio audience goes "AWOOOOOOO"

you got the letter.gif

Richard goes on an unhinged kissing spree:

kissing spree.gif

Droppin' letters...

droppin letterz.gif

"My cousins are here.  FROM SAN FRANCISCO."

cousins from san francisco.gif

Aah, your underwear!  Up yer alley!

wiggling the pennant.gif


dumpster fall.gif

R.I.P. Murder Apartment

empty murder apartment.png

"Save 'em for Christmas."

save em for Christmas.gif

I'm sorry, we're still thinking about the "cousins from San Francisco" scene.  We'll never not be thinking about the "cousins from San Francisco" scene.

Del and Caroline are sad.png
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