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Episode 6: "Happy Birthday Parking Lot" -

Show Notes

Episode 1.06 -- “Caroline and the Folks”

Original airdate: November 2, 1995

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Fred Barron and Marco Pennette
Directed by James Burrows


It's sweeps week, and just in time for Caroline to meet the parents (less Robert DeNiro, more Cartoon Pigeon Robert DeNiro) in episode 1.06, "Caroline and the Folks"!  Be kind and rewind with us as we dig into NBC Must See TV crossover mania as our heroes encounter both Chandler Bing and The Single Guy, Richard turns 30 (ouch), and Lea Thompson's physical comedy chops get a real workout.  Put down the snowglobe, Tommy, put down the snowglobe...

Here's the original promo for the night of Must See TV crossovers that featured this episode, ominously titled "Star-Crossed Thursday":

This week's "plugs":

Cartoon Annie vs. Real Annie:

cartoon Annie clear.png

Cartoon Annie's actual lookalike, the Peanuts flippity-flop girl:

flippity flop.gif
Caroline rendering.png
Caroline real.jpg

Does Caroline Duffy hate herself?  You be the judge:

oven mitt 1.png

Visual aids:

Amy recommends the novels of Jeff Garvin (aka Scott the Video Clerk in this very episode) -- The Lightness of Hands and Symptoms of Being Human.

Christie recommends the warm bath of '90s nostalgia available in the wee hours on the antenna channel COZI TV.

"Oven Mitt":

oven mitt 2.png

While we're talking about Richard's murder apartment,
it only gets weirder the closer you look...

murder apartment.png

A Very '90s Man:  friend of the podcast Jeff Garvin as Scott the Video Clerk!

Jeff Garvin.png

"half business, half clubwear":

half boardroom.png

We here at Caroline and the Podcast would like to go on record as huge fans of this friendship:

Richard and Annie.png
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