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Episode 8: "We Call That A Beard" -

Show Notes

Episode 1.08 -- “Caroline and the Balloon”

Original airdate: November 16, 1995

IMDB entry for this episode


Written by Bill Prady
Directed by Tom Cherones


Here's the story of a lovely lady... Give thanks as David Levy joins us this week for episode 1.08, “Caroline and the Balloon”!  Before the parade passes by, we pre-heat the oven and stuff the proverbial unseasoned bird with our various theories of Richard’s sexuality, tales of the early morning thrills of balloon chasing, and the answer to the burning question, “who the heck are Mike and Maty?” Hey Hollywood, your pants are ringing…

This week's "plugs":

"that turkey has seen some shit..."

Visual aids:

Amy recommends Writers and Lovers by Lily King!

Christie recommends Only Connect on BBC Two! 

David recommends The Gang's All Here!

This week's guest

David Levy works at Actors' Equity Association, the labor union for theater actors and stage managers. He's also a producer and panelist on the Maxamoo: Theatre & Performance podcast, currently on a pandemic-induced hiatus, as well as a freelance writer and cabaret producer. He lives in downtown Brooklyn with his partner Keith and their cat, Rhoda Morgenstern Levy.

David Levy!


Caroline in the City on Muppet Wiki!

Here's the CNN piece that David referenced on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons gone wild! 


November 22, 9 AM

Eastern standard time

From here on in I shoot without a script

cinema verite 2.png
5 AM.png

Not morning people, this crew:

Guardian Angel Shelly:

guardian angel Shelly.png

Fur Coat Guy:

fur coat guy.png

Honest living!
Honest living!

honest living.png

Mike and Maty: they're real people!

Mike and Maty.png

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's a sad single lady!

Caroline balloon.png

A cactor prepares:

Salty and the pie.png

Up, up and away...

balloon escapes.png

It's Florence Henderson!

Florence Henderson.png
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